Equinox Discos is an underground, uncompromising and non-profit label and distro, born in 2013 in the sewers of Zaragoza (Spain) to release and support dark Metal of Death.

Along with what we release, we trade our stuff with many underground labels around the world, bringing the most interesting releases that boil up inside the scene.

Bands we have worked with: Atrabilis, Black Coma, Black Oath, Cryptic Brood, Funeral Bitch, Galvanizer, Gravewurm, Haemophagus, Inexorable End, Insulters, Lamentation, Machetazo, Mausoleum, Metastasis, Negativa, Oniricous, Ras, Restos Humanos, Sathanas, Suspiral, Voidkush.